90-Day Rate Lock

Lock in the Rate


If you plan to go to contract within three months of obtaining an Ark Certified Pre-Approval, you can further reduce the stress of the homebuying process by purchasing Rate Protection for a refundable* fee of $995. When you purchase Ark’s Rate Protection, you can lock in your rate for 90 days. You’re protected if rates increase. And if rates decrease, you can take advantage of the lower rate.

* The Rate Protection Fee:

  • Will be credited against your closing costs if the loan closes within 12 months of purchasing Ark’s Rate Protection.
  • Will be refunded if all of the Final Conditions have been satisfied and Ark cannot, or Ark does not, enable the loan to close.
  • Will not be refunded if the loan fails to close because one or more of the Final Conditions have not been satisfied.
  • Will not be refunded even if all of the Final Conditions have been satisfied but you choose not to close.

How much mortgage can I afford?

The first step in buying a house is determining a realistic budget. Start with this handy calculator to get an estimate of how much you can qualify for, and how a home loan will fit into your monthly payments. The calculator takes into account your income, the purchase price, and total monthly payment. Try a couple scenarios to see how it might affect your finances.