Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages are the most popular type of home loan structure. With a fixed rate mortgage, you will pay the same monthly payment every month for the life of the loan—unlike adjustable rate mortgages, which adjust annually after the first five years to reflect current interest rates, which can increase or decrease the amount of a home’s monthly mortgage payment.


Find the mortgage type that’s right for you

Calculate your potential new monthly mortgage payment in seconds with this handy calculator so you can make sure you have enough money left over each month for all your other expenses. Choose your rate and term—you might be surprised to see how affordable it is to own your home in less time than you thought. See how much interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan, and enter prepayment amounts to calculate their impact on your mortgage.

The Benefits of a Fixed Rate Mortgage

Rates Can’t Increase

Even if mortgage rates increase or your personal financial profile changes, the rate on your mortgage remains the same.

Payments Don’t Change

Because your interest rate can’t change, your monthly mortgage payment will never change either.

Flexible Term Options

Fixed rate mortgages are available in a wide range of re-payment terms including 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

Lock in a Low Rate

When rates are at the historic lows they have been, you can lock in a low rate for the life of your home loan.

Peace of Mind

If you’re risk adverse and like things to be consistent, then a fixed rate mortgage will help you rest easier.