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Yoel E. Weiss

NMLS# 1376589
Phone: (845) 503-3594

I’m a people’s person who loves connecting to others on a personal level. I also enjoy solving and sorting out issues. Couple these with my affinity for graphs and numbers, and my profession of choice as a Personal Mortgage Advisor is the most natural result.

I enjoy helping people figure out the right mortgage option that best fits their goals, and that will work for their benefit further down the road as well.

I walk every morning into the office full of enthusiasm and anticipation of making it happen for yet another person. I’m not a fan of sameness, and I love a challenge. To me, an application – every mortgage application – is as unique as its applicant, and I enjoy the challenge of finding unique, costume-tailored solutions to every individual.

I’ve had clients who turned to me after others in the field gave up. In fact, my first clients were turned down by mortgage professionals who didn’t see their case – the work and effort it required – as being worth their time. I proudly took those upon myself and using my inherent traits of empathy, determination, and tenacity, I managed to get it done. These happy clients returned with more business and referred me to others.

I enjoy seeing fresh faces and getting to know new people. Many times, a discussion about a mortgage turns into a friendly chat, the same way a mortgage advisory session with me tends to turn into a friendship.

As your Personal Mortgage Advisor, I will treat you and your needs with respect and care. I will bend over backward in making sure your mortgage needs and long- and short-term financial goals are met.