New Home Purchase

Purchase a New Home with Peace of Mind

For most people, a home purchase will be the largest financial investment of their lives. An experienced Mortgage Advisor can help ease your mind by  guiding you through the countless details and tough decisions. And Ark Mortgage Advisors give you an added benefit: because Ark is a lender, not just a broker, your Advisor stays with you every step of the way, right up to closing.

Ark can get you a Certified Pre-Approval to help you qualify to bid on a particular property. We can help you with an Express Mortgage if you need a loan in a hurry. We’re specialists in working with self-employed borrowers. And you’re backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, our promise that if rates go down, you can always refinance with minimal fees

Calculate your payments

Owning a home can be just as affordable—maybe even more affordable—than renting. Plug in your numbers to get an estimate of the monthly payments for a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).

Homebuyer FAQs

The Better Way to Finance Your Home

Low Down Payment

We offer a variety of loan options for buying your home that require little to no money down for a down payment.

Finding The Right Home

Our Certified Pre-Approval is guaranteed in writing for at least 60 days, so you can spend more time finding the perfect home.

Increased Buying Power

Armed with an underwritten pre-approval, your offer will be considered more seriously by the seller.

Build Wealth

Every payment you make towards your home loan, you’ll be adding to the growing equity in your home.

Peace of Mind

Our Lifetime Guarantee allows you to refinance for any reason without any origination or appraisal fees.