The Ark Journey

The word most people think of when they hear the name “Ark Mortgage” is “Different.”

Most mortgage companies are filled with salespeople, all promoting their one-size-fits-all financial products. But that’s not the case at Ark Mortgage. Ark is a mortgage banker that proudly assists qualified home buyers, owners and investors throughout New York and New Jersey in purchasing and financing 1-4 family homes, condominiums, investment properties and vacation homes. We do so with streamlined processes and in-house underwriting which allows us to complete loans often in as short as 21 days from receipt of complete application.

Since our inception in 1983, Ark’s philosophy has been one of putting our customers first. We see ourselves as Advisors and Educators, carefully explaining the loan process and then customizing our products to suit our clients’ unique needs. And if a potential borrower doesn’t qualify and won’t be our customer today, we know they will be one day. We’ll do everything possible to make that happen—from explaining the loan process to qualify a simple, understandable and empathetic way to educating you on how to qualify in the future.

At Ark Mortgage, we offer highly competitive rates, but we understand that the right loan is than just rate. It’s also about making sure your MAP or Maximum Affordable  Payment fits comfortably within your budget, that your down payment is affordable while leaving you with adequate reserves for emergencies, that we work to maximize your tax deductibility and that we pick the most appropriate term so you become mortgage-debt-free at a time that best coincides with your future plans.

That’s what makes Ark Mortgage the faster, easier, better way home.

Ark Mortgage: the faster, easier, better way home.