Lower Your Payment

Save Money with a Home Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage is a great way to save.

Lower your monthly payment and you can start an emergency fund, pay off other creditors, or increase the value of your home with repairs and improvements. Refinance to tap into some of your home’s equity, and you can meet short and long term financial goals without dipping into savings or running up credit cards with interest rates.

Be aware that f you refinance to shorten your term, it may cost you more each month, but you’ll save thousands over the life of the loan. Most of our home refinance transactions close in 30 days or less—so you’ll quickly be on your way to achieving your goals. It feels nice to spend money on things you want rather than just things you need.

No matter why you’re refinancing, strategize your mortgage so that it works for you. Your home is one of your biggest investments. Use it to your advantage. Call a Mortgage Advisor to find out more. Discover the possibilities.

How much can I save?

Use our calculator to find your new potential monthly mortgage payment. You can make sure that you have enough money each month for your other expenses. Choose your rate and term. Be amazed.

Home Refinance FAQs

Enjoy Lower Mortgage Payments

Lower Your Rate

If interest rates drop below the note rate on your current mortgage you may be able to save thousands each year.

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Because property values are increasing, you may be eligible to remove the mortgage insurance premium (MIP).

Consolidate Debt

Lower your overall monthly payments by consolidating high credit debt using the equity in your home.

Lower Taxes

Unlike the interest on credit card and other revolving debt, the interest on your home loan is tax deductible.

Save For Life

Every mortgage from Ark comes with our Lifetime Guarantee, so you can refinance for any reason with no origination or appraisal fees.