Ark Agents

Real Estate Agents for Responsible Home Ownership

Ark Mortgage is teaming up with Real Estate agents in New York and New Jersey to help buyers achieve the dream of home ownership in a responsible way. To do that, we’ve created a Statement of Shared Values which reflects the importance of, and our common dedication to, Responsible Homeownership. 

Registered Ark Agents simply have to review and acknowledge the Statement of Shared Values, at which point their clients are automatically eligible for certain benefits when they take a mortgage with Ark.

To help Ark borrowers referred by CARE Agents stay within their Maximum Affordable Payment (MAP) budget, we provide:

  • A $1,000 Lender Credit against closing costs
  • Rate Protection against interest rate increases that may occur while shopping for a home (offered at a nominal charge and applied to closing costs)
  • Lifetime Guarantee protection against interest rate decreases that may occur after closing (eliminating up to $2,500 in closing costs when refinancing an Ark-financed property)

The Ark Agent also benefits:

  • Getting their clients the special treatment listed above
  • The ability to monitor the progress of buyers’ loans from application to closing
  • Important industry updates
  • Coming Soon: Free Online Mortgage Education

Teaming up with real estate agents to foster Responsible Homeownership is part of what makes Ark Mortgage the faster, easier, better way home.