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Yochanan (Jack) Mann

NMLS# 131558
Phone: 1-845-503-3592

As a personal mortgage advisor with over 20 years of experience and deep knowledge of the mortgage industry, I have experienced a variety of different real estate and mortgage markets, and have helped many people achieve their goals including first-time home buyers, refinancing and cash-outs, investment properties, to take them above and beyond their goals.

Every mortgage gets unique attention and dedication and is customized for each client: my top priority is to achieve the needs of my clients.

“I didn’t know that the mortgage process could be so simple” is the expression I constantly hear from my clients. After trying brokers and other bankers, they are delighted to be advised by someone who makes sure service and personalization go together.

Don’t miss out, it’s a phone call away! I will be happy to meet you and help you become a homeowner today!